Boundary Floor Pong

Introducing the most awesome game you have never played. In the spirit of sharing our knowledge with the arch-viz community, we give you not just the rules and court dimensions but also sketchup 3d model!


  • When challenged to a game, you MUST accept regardless of current workload
  • Scoring as per table tennis but we usually just play for fun
  • The 'net' is best constructed using empty imac cardboard boxes
  • We marked out the court with black insulation tape, and instruct our cleaner to keep the playing surface in good order.
  • Clear space around the court helps, but obstacles in your office mostly just add to the fun

Special shots. What makes this game especially fun are all of the 'trick' shots you can play.

  • Gappers - you are allowed to go round the side of the net, not easy if neighbouring desks are close to the court, but can be devastating.
  • Kerbers - if the ball bounces of the net back at you, you can finish it off with a smash, if you react in time
  • Roofers - Only use if desperate, it involves hitting it off the ceiling and hoping it goes into play.
  • Lander - when it lands on the top of the net and then rolls off.
  • Top stopper - tricky to pull off, but wins the point. Sometimes possible in conjunction with a roofer.
  • Chappers - a chopped (backspin) gapper.
  • Squash shot - If you have a wall behind you, then as long as the ball doesnt bounce a second time you can continue playing like in squash.
  • Rebounder - if a smash hits the back of the court and manages to find its way back into play.. then play continues!

We'll add more rules when we think of them!

Finally, the Sketchup model: here

Love from The Boundary.