Carey House tutorial 09 - Post Production


In this, the final part of the making of the Carey House tutorial series, we are taking a brief look at post production.  This is an aspect of our workflow which varies from project to project but is always something we try to keep to a minimum preferring to rely as much as possible on getting the image correct in the 3d environment rather than using render elements and painting in detail in Photoshop.

Base render

Although this is the base render we generally apply some curves in the vray frame buffer prior to saving out.  This is just a preference and can all be done in Photoshop if preferred.  

Photoshop layers

There are two basic elements to our post workflow; Camera Raw Filter and a few adjustment layers.  Sometimes we have more adjustment layers including saturation and colour balance, we have found recently however that much of this can be done in the Camera Raw Filter.

As the Camera Raw Filter can currently not be used as an adjustment layer we start by converting the base render to a smart object so the adjustments are not destructive.  In this case under the Basic tab a little clarity has been given and a small amount of highlight compression to bring out some of the details in the bright sky.  A few other tweaks have been made to the shadows and whites to balance the image.

Camera Raw Filter Basic tab

Under the Effects tab a small amount of Post Crop Vignetting is given set to Highlight Priority style.  This is useful as it prevents bright areas of the sky usually in the top corners of the image from becoming overly dark and muddy looking. 

Camera Raw Filter Effects tab

with camera RAW adjustments

Following the overall Camera Raw adjustments a few basic curves have been used to highlight certain areas of the image.  The first one darkens the sky slightly, the second brightens the foreground vegetation and the third increases the contrast of the building itself. 

Final image with Camera Raw + Curves

If anyone thinks that having a closer look at this Photoshop file would be useful, let us know and we will make it available as a free download on The Boundary Store.