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The Art of Rendering

Peter Guthrie

17 April 2021

An article which recently appeared on Architizer, by the Managing Director of our NYC office, James Falconer

The Art of Rendering

Our brains have an innate capability of discerning whether or not a representation of a human being is natural or created. The closer to “the real” we get, the more uncomfortable the viewer feels. Our empathy and affinity for an image dramatically drops as we move away from cartoons and drawn figurines and draw closer toward animatronic human-like puppets and detailed CGI people.

The “Uncanny Valley” effect, first identified by Masahiro Mori, offers fascinating insights into how our brains perceive created representations of reality; it suggests that human beings perceive that which presents itself as real with innate suspicion. Are we hardwired to be suspicious of photorealistic rendering in a similar way? Possibly — and probably with good reason. In the wrong hands, photorealism can do exactly what the human subconscious is likely wary of: creating a false reality and presenting it as the real deal.

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