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Green Square

Nestled in Sydney's revitalised Green Square district, Bridgehill Group presents the stylish and innovative residences of ALBA and LUNA. One-to-three-bedroom apartments and magnificent double-storey penthouses embrace modern design principles that deliver comfort, style and adaptability.

With the innovative utilisation of Realspace, The Boundary’s dynamic architectural visualisation tool designed to make the property buying experience more engaging and immersive, the Green Square apartments trendy interiors, location and impressive rooftop gardens have been highlighted and envisioned to the highest quality.

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Realspace Sales Platform + Virtual Tours + CGIs + Animations

As each unit in ALBA and LUNA came to fruition, Realspace was used to bring these architectural visions to life far before physical construction had even begun. High-resolution drone photography provided precise locations and captured exceptional views from each unit. The integration of this photography with an interactive exterior orbit further highlights the overall context of the development and the surrounding area.

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Alongside apartment interiors, Realspace was used to visualise the rooftop gardens. This helped bring life to an important space for the developer, bringing a sense of scale and showing how these unique pieces fit together.

Realspace added another layer of engagement with its fully interactive 3D turntable. This tool granted potential buyers an unprecedented opportunity to examine ALBA and LUNA in exquisite detail, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the distinctive architectures.

With Unreal Engine 5, an advanced real-time 3D creation tool, the power of Realspace is further amplified. Users can tap anywhere on the floor plan and be virtually transported to that space, navigating these unbuilt units with almost tangible realism.

Realspace has revolutionised the traditional property buying approach, eliminating geographic restrictions and offering an immersive way to view properties. To date, the Realspace tool is live and being used by Bridgehill at three key locations in Sydney, transforming how properties are presented and experienced by potential buyers.

Virtual tours deliver the ultimate off-plan sales and marketing experience, allowing unbuilt environments to be explored and appreciated in real-time.

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