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Our Mission: To evoke emotion through imagery.

Value in graphic imagery lies not simply in a sense of beauty but how that beauty makes you feel. The Boundary adds value by understanding and harnessing emotional responses which lie at the heart of all human decisions.

In the constantly evolving space of digital media and graphic representation, The Boundary is founded on the principle of continued evolution of services maintaining a position at the forefront of the industry. This current snapshot of our services is presented with the caveat that tomorrow's technology will always drive the direction of our endeavours so watch this space...


CGI’s or Computer Generated Images form the base for most projects. With over two decades of experience in image creation, this most central part of our workflow continues to inform much of the content developed for use across many mediums and platforms.

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Once the preserve of big budget Hollywood blockbusters, animation is playing an increasingly central role in our services based on the premise that; ‘if it’s on a screen, it should move’. Constantly developing technology in this area is now making this an affordable way to raise the quality, engagement and professionalism of many projects.

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VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality)...? This emerging technology can appear difficult to penetrate when considering the requirements for a particular project. Having produced industry leading VR experiences in the real estate space we have a proven track record of ‘best in class’ examples across many platforms and can help navigate the treacherous waters of this constantly developing technology.

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Product Visualisation

Be it furniture, light fixtures, cars, fashion or jewellery, our product visualisation team can make previously cumbersome, expensive and inflexible photo-shoots a thing of the past. Photo-realistic rendering and animation with faster and faster production times has open the door to a world of infinite variation in graphic collateral with online retail experiences being tailored to each unique purchaser like never before.

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Boundary Locations

All product shoots need one of two things; a great studio environment or a great location. We can provide both but not as you might imagine. Any location, anywhere in the world, at any scale and in any lighting conditions can be achieved in an infinitely controllable fully computer generated photorealistic environment. Our extensive location library of ready created environments covering many sectors merely marks the beginning of what is possible with the only limit being our imagination.

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Where We Work

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