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Boundary Locations

All product shoots need one of two things; a great studio environment or a great location. We can provide both but not as you might imagine. Any location, anywhere in the world, at any scale and in any lighting conditions can be achieved in an infinitely controllable fully computer generated photorealistic environment. Our extensive location library of ready created environments covering many sectors merely marks the beginning of what is possible with the only limit being our imagination.

Boundary Locations

Boundary Locations provides full computer generated environments for a range of projects in the commercial advertising space. Based on over ten years experience working in the architectural visualisation and marketing field our process entirely negates the requirement for costly and time consuming location and studio shoots for all publicity and advertising needs. Working with businesses as broad as lighting manufacturers, furniture designers, automotive companies and fashion houses, our services range from still image production for print media and animated short films to interactive product models for web and full VR experiences.

We have a versatile and rapidly growing location library which includes representation for everything from high-end penthouses, industrial buildings and classical civic architecture to beachfront gardens, mountainous wilderness and desert landscapes.

All of our locations can be customised and tailored to specific project needs. Alternatively, entirely bespoke briefs can be catered for with the help of our in-house design team highly skilled and experienced in architectural, interior and landscape design, both RIBA and LI accredited.

More description:

Our digital locations service can be broken down into three distinct parts.

1. Ready made full digital locations which can be used to showcase your products in a similar fashion to traditional photographic location shoots but without all the logistical difficulties which come with that. All material, fabric and finish variations can be simply achieved providing the customer with confidence in their purchasing choice prior to placing the order.

2. Customised Locations. Should variations be required to our stock locations any number of these can be accommodated be it materials, lighting, atmosphere or alterations to geometry.

3. Bespoke Locations. We can create any environment based on any brief internally or externally from reference images or from written briefs.


Cost: Greater value can be obtained when compared to traditional location photography methods particularly when dealing with higher volume

Reduced Risk: fully controlled computer generated environments mitigates risk inherent in real world conditions.

Time: Timescales can be significantly reduced in the delivery of graphic collateral. Logistically requiring far fewer resources than real world alternatives, timescales can be compressed as required for any given project.

Flexibility: Infinite variations. Totally customisation.

Future proofing: Should you require additions to your product range with new releases or product updates there is no problem reusing an environment to precisely match an existing creative narrative. This can be achieved in both studio environments or digital/virtual locations

Proof of added value: case study, conversion rates, improved sales, data (case furniture)

Graphic spreadsheet of Digital Locations VS Photography?