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The Boundary Explore

Realtime VR experience but without the traditional need for hardware or a physical marketing suite.

Boundary Explore

Boundary Explore

A new VR service which allows users to seamlessly move in real time through multiple 360 VR hotspots, creating complete freedom of movement to explore a space in VR, either through a tablet, phone, web browser or VR headset using a regular internet connection.


  • Eliminates the problems associated with traditional 360 VR hotspots of’ ‘jumping’ between spaces and often losing the context of how spaces relate and connect to one another.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive real time render engines and the accompanying hardware used to run that technology within traditional marketing suits, while maintaining photo-realistic imagery.
  • Boosts international sales and marketing reach by empowering local agents to bring spaces to life for their clients without the immediate need to visit a physical marketing suite in the location city.
  • Same quality as still renders

How it works

Part of The Boundary's workflow, Boundary Explore VR spaces are developed once CGI stills/ Animations have been delivered

Boundary Explore is a service You can navigate using a touch screen, mouse or keyboard, move around the apartment, look up and around etc.

Designed to be intuitive and require no training

Online experience

Features / Add-ons

Allows users to transition between different times of day, explore different floors, and interact with dynamic elements within design such as FF&E fittings and detail.


Exclusively available for The Boundary’s clients.