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VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality)...? This emerging technology can appear difficult to penetrate when considering the requirements for a particular project. Having produced industry leading VR experiences in the real estate space we have a proven track record of ‘best in class’ examples across many platforms and can help navigate the treacherous waters of this constantly developing technology.


Hotspot Tour

There are two distinct approaches to VR, the first is what is referred to as a static hotspot tour. In essence this allows the viewer to experience a space in 360 degrees from a fixed position (i.e there is no capacity to move through the space freely). This is generated from static images which are mapped onto a spherical environment around the viewer. The principle benefits of this approach are the following:

  • VR created from the same environment as the still images and animations creating significant efficiencies in time and cost.
  • Can be viewed across many mediums including, desktop/laptop computer, smartphone, tablet, VR goggles or large touch screen displays in marketing suites.
  • No major graphic requirements of hardware required and can easily run on WebGL allowing for widespread distribution across the internet.
  • The experience can be carefully curated with each static position within a tour being selected to illustrate key parts of the scheme and direct the viewer's attention to specific areas.
  • Greater resolution and photographic realism can be achieved than in real time VR below
  • Less propensity to induce motion sickness than real time VR when viewed through goggles.

Realtime VR

If total freedom of experience is required in virtual reality space this is the solution. Realtime rendering up to 180 frames per second using the latest gaming technology provides the most immersive experience available. The Boundary have invested heavily in this technology and working closely with software developers have achieved groundbreaking results in the real estate space over the past 4 years.

70 Vestry VR Tour

An example 360 panorama tour we did for the Robert Stern 70 Vestry project in Manhattan. Originally designed to be a self contained website and google cardboard experience, we have now added the ability to view this tour using the Samsung Gear VR.

You can visit the original website at explore70vestry.com or click here if you are using an samsung phone and would like to view it on Gear VR.


565 Broome Soho VR Tour

a lovely tour by Luke

Superhouse VR

A lovely VR 360 by Phil