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Mercedes GLA

The Boundary worked with Mercedez-Benz Lead Agency Antoni to create a set of photorealistic full CG digital environments for the launch of their GLA SUV.

Henry Goss Architects
Project Services

The Carey House project by Henry Goss Architects was adapted to create a 'Wild North' digital location in full 3D. All materials and 3D assets were created from scratch to provide the required levels of realism.

Mercedes-Benz Places Miami

More than just cars. Take a look at our latest project with Mercedes-Benz in visualising their first branded residences

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The vertical rhythm of the elevation treatment, with it's solid and void elements, provides a sober backdrop for the GLA.

Henry Goss

'Shop Window' features a contemporary concrete town house surrounded by a hard urban environment. Warm, low sun picks out the GLA and highlights it against cold, flat surfaces. 

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