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Royale Gold Coast

Developed by DD Living and designed by DKO & Mim Design, Royale Gold Coast offers the finest beachfront penthouse collection and luxury residences.

Using The Boundary Realspace Sales Platform, a dynamic architectural visualisation tool, Royale Gold Coast has been envisioned using Real-Time technology to change the buying process of off-plan sales. A Virtual Tour alongside a series of CGIs and Animations have been visualised straight from The Boundary's Realspace platform, creating a plethora of up to date content for the sales and marketing team.

DD Living
DKO & Mim Design
Project Services
Realspace Sales Platform + Digital Twin + Virtual Tours + CGIs + Animations

With 3 and 4 bedroom residences and full floor penthouses, life at Royale raises the bar for affluent beachfront living. Envisaged by Australia's finest architects and interior designers, the finishes of selected Aragonite, Pearl and Diamond reflect ocean front characteristics, whilst delivering premium and prestigious homes with state of the art fittings and appliances.

With Realspace, sales agents can create customisable and shareable content packages that can be instantly shared with potential homebuyers as a bespoke microsite. From material finishes within the home to exterior shots and view lines, aspects of homes are instantly customisable at the tap of a screen and can all be saved within the Realspace Gallery to be accessed both on and offline. Future home owners have a fully immersive and interactive experience whilst journeying through the off-plan development. 

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As part of the touch screen experience from the Realspace Sales Platform, The Boundary integrated multiple videos, individual floor plans, floor plates, view photography and sight-lines, associated concept design packs and context area packs. This allows for the sales team to have access to over 300 pages of information within a couple of taps.

The complete package integrates with Development ID for Apartment stock management, while the interactive exterior automatically updates to show which apartments are sold or available. With views from both inside and out the development, future home owners of Royale Gold Coast can gain a real sense of how the apartments are set to look and feel from all angles and viewpoints. 

The palatial penthouse is the ultimate entertainer and a home of unwavering vision. In its grandeur, detailing and state of the art appointments, it outshines many of the world’s finest

David Devine
Founder, DD Living

Virtual tours deliver the ultimate off-plan sales and marketing experience, allowing unbuilt environments to be explored and appreciated in real-time.

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