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Waldorf Astoria

Globally celebrated icon, The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, has undergone major restoration reclaiming it's rightful position as the world's preeminent luxury hotel.

Interior Designer
Jean-Louis Deniot
Project Services
CGI's + Animations + Film

Cultural Heritage

Ultra detailed and meticulously accurate visualisation played a major role in the restoration process from both a design and marketing perspective with every aspect of the the art deco landmark being interrogated and scrutinised to ensure it remained true to it's protected architectural heritage.

A profound sense of responsibility is shared by all consultants upon whom the honour of contributing to the restoration of this iconic building has been bestowed.

Henry Goss

The Boundary Explore

The Boundary's proprietary world leading VR tool has been used extensively throughout the project in order that the full richness and detail of the recreated spaces can be fully explored and appreciated

Forensic researchers took samples from landmarked public spaces such as the Silver Corridor in order to uncover and match the original colors which The Boundary could then faithfully recreate.

Waldorf Towers

Photographic CGI Techniques

Recreating the site photography in the 3d renders by using flash bulb lighting was one of the techniques The Boundary team employed to assess the accuracy of the materiality and modeling. This produced a super photorealistic results which enabled direct comparison with the historic fabric. 

Nina Saemundsson’s Spirit of Achievement statue was carefully packaged and moved off site for preservation and renovation. The iconic statute became an important aspect of the early stage marketing initiative and remains synonymous with the brand.

Waldorf Towers

The team at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill was responsible for orchestrating the complex restoration, working alongside the designers and preservationists to respect the original design intent, while bringing the Waldorf Astoria New York into a new age.

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Façade Restoration

Despite little alteration work being done to the exterior of the existing building, renders of the façade formed an important part of the scope to illustrate how the increasingly ageing stone work and window frames would be restored to their former glory


Inspired by the hotel’s classic grandeur, internationally acclaimed designer Jean-Louis Deniot has created residences that balance modern comfort with Art Deco opulence; blending the old and the new; the European and the American; the grand and the intimate.

Handcrafted finishes, natural materials, and subtle Art Deco references, such as bronze accents, bring a sense of history to gracious contemporary spaces.

Jean-Louis Deniot
Interior Designer

Handcrafted finishes, natural materials, and subtle Art Deco references bring a sense of history to these gracious contemporary spaces

Waldorf Towers


With a fresh, modern expression of its rich, authentic legacy, Waldorf Astoria provides guests the exceptional environment and the personalized attention of True Waldorf Service that creates unforgettable experiences for discerning travelers.

The character and grandeur of each arrival experience demanded a fresh approach to lighting, composition and mood, at once distinct and unique but forming part of a cohesive family

Henry Goss

Experts dismantled the two-ton 1893 World’s Fair Clock to begin its restoration. Once cleaned and rebuilt, it will return to the center of the hotel’s Peacock Alley.

Waldorf Towers

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Home to world leaders, royalty and movie stars, the Waldorf Astoria has played host to some of the defining events of the 20th Century. Key event spaces including the Grand Ballroom were visualised in various configurations illustrating how this legacy will be continued into the future.

Multiple visualisations of the Grand Ballroom were completed, each with a contrasting event showcasing the adaptability and flexibility of this seminal space

Steven Man
Lead Visualisation Artist

A similar approach was taken to all other event spaces in the hotel indicating the richness and adaptability of the hotel catering for events as wide ranging as wedding receptions and banquets to political summits and symposiums


The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria offers over 50,000 square feet of private residential amenities and programming paired with the impeccable services of the world’s most iconic hotel

The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria offers residents a world of exclusive private amenities along with special access to the best-in-class services found only at the globally renowned Waldorf Astoria New York hotel.

Waldorf Towers


Residents have exclusive access to the private fitness center including spa-like wellness lounges with saunas, steam rooms, treatment rooms, and changing areas; private fitness studios; and a personalized health and fitness program facilitated by the hotel spa

A spectacular 25-meter swimming pool overlooking Park Avenue is at the heart of the extensive residential wellness facility on the 25th floor.

Waldorf Towers

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