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Realspace residential

Realspace Residential is a real-time, interactive experience that showcases and sells unbuilt apartments both offline in sales galleries and online in real-time. Through a simple touch interface or full immersion via a VR headset, customers can fully experience any future environment. Walk through any space, swap architectural finishes, adjust lighting, visualise fixtures and understand scale and dimensions. 

This technology has completely transformed the way we sell off-plan

Steven Elvie
Sales Executive

Realspace is the ultimate sales tool for any unbuilt development, large or small. It represents a paradigm shift for the real-estate industry globally

Nikki Dibley
Helical - Senior Development Executive

The additional content we are able to produce using the Custom Render tool has increased our social media engagement significantly, allowing us to create and post new content on a continual basis, reacting to daily trends and keeping the perception of the development fresh for the duration of the sales timeline.

Victoria Johnson
Sales Agent

Perfectly Tailored Sales Experience

There has never been a more flexible and intuitive way to tailor your marketing content to a specific buyer. Every prospective purchaser has different requirements which can never be fully anticipated by the marketing and sales team. Realspace caters to all possible eventualities and queries providing the purchaser with the necessary information to make an informed decision more quickly and significantly increasing conversion rates in off-plan sales

The online functionality of Realspace has eliminated the requirement for many of our overseas buyers to travel to our sales galleries helping us reduce carbon emissions significantly in the sales funnel.

David Higgins
Director - Colliers Residential