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The Boundary is a global leader in the creation of photorealistic visualisations (known as renders or computer generated imagery/CGI for short) and virtual reality experiences, for the use in marketing campaigns for the unbuilt environment (buildings, apartments and destinations which have not yet been built).

Developers and marketers of super prime residential, commercial and hospitality projects rely on the hyper photorealistic CGI content that the Boundary produces to market and sell their properties often years before they are actually built.

This expertise has now expanded to provide retail brands with interactive virtual reality shopping experiences for their ecommerce websites, along with interactive virtual reality brand ‘showrooms’ as part of their metaverse/web3 service offering.

The Boundary are also disrupting the traditional location and studio photography industry by offering hyper photorealistic virtual reality digital locations to replace traditional location shoots and the logistical and where related headaches those entail. Recreating retail brands' physical products as full CGI models (luxury cars, furniture, handbags etc) for use in these digital locations completes the circle, and means brands can produce beautiful photography campaigns without needing either a physical shoot location, or even physical samples of the products they are going to launch.