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111 North

An elegant concrete and steel residential tower proposed for Baton Rouge by Trahan Architects featured one apartment per storey.

Trahan Architects
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CGIs + Animation

The Boundary are pleased to have collaborated with Trahan Architects on a number of projects. Highlights alongside 111 North are Magazine Street Residence and Aurora Event Centre.

Photography is key to any exterior 'Hero' shot. Location shoots are carefully planned with pre-viz and a clear understanding of the client's needs and architect's concept to make sure we find the best available compositions.

Peter Guthrie

The little details

We love the attention to detail that elevates a CGI into the realm of photorealism. From water vapour to weathering effects on timber cladding, 3d artists at The Boundary are always experimenting with new ways to bring our physical world into architectural visualisation. 

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The units include custom walnut cabinetry, beautiful marble counters and accents, architectural poured-in-place concrete and floor-to-ceiling glass which offers stunning views of the surrounding downtown area.

Trey Trahan

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