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La Vera

The design of La Vera reflects local ecology and craftsmanship, with a natural palette and soft curves influenced by the nearby parklands and winding rivers.

Using The Boundary’s Realspace Sales Platform to help visualise the collective architectural vision, resulted in the creation of three unique bedroom designs with high fidelity. Each design embodies the comfortable and sophisticated vibe of La Vera.

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Offering 1, 2 or 3-bedroom apartments in Macquarie Park, La Vera merges green spaces with city life. Enjoying landscaped surroundings and views of Lane Cove National Park from this peaceful yet vibrant location.

Urban Property Group, Laver Residential Projects, COX Architecture, and Arcadia are excited to present La Vera through their collective expertise. The goal is to create a desirable living space in the heart of Macquarie Park.

Innovative features in each apartment include a material changer, giving future occupants the choice between the soothing Mere Bank and charming River Oak themes.

La Vera has a level-changer feature which showcases detailed drone photography, allowing layers of the building to be explored. This feature gives a multi-dimensional perspective of the environment.

Each unit comes complete with two 90-second animations and over 100 CGIs combined, offering a rich visual experience. An interactive 360-degree level changer allows potential buyers to explore the wider environs of La Vera.

Based in Laver’s Sydney sales suite, Realspace software aids the sales team. The Boundary’s interactive technology replaces static blueprints, allowing buyers to easily navigate through the virtual corridors of their possible future home.

Through Realspace, users can switch between different areas of the apartments with ease. The Realspace gallery offers a variety of animations and stills, making the sales process user-friendly.

Built with Unreal Engine 5, our 3D environments provide a virtual preview of the unbuilt. Realspace pushes the boundaries of traditional floor plans and renders, shaping the future of La Vera.

Virtual tours deliver the ultimate off-plan sales and marketing experience, allowing unbuilt environments to be explored and appreciated in real-time.

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