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Northbrook Wynyard Quarter

Step into the future of architectural visualisation with The Boundary's Realspace Sales Platform. Presenting our latest collaboration with Winton, the visionaries behind Northbrook Wynyard Quarter in Auckland.

Nestled in one of New Zealand's most desirable locations, Northbrook Wynyard Quarter offers residents unparalleled access to Auckland's vibrant waterfront, celebrated for its world-class dining, theatre, cycling, shopping, walking, and boating experiences.

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Realspace Sales Platform + Virtual Tours + CGIs + Animations

Northbrook Wynyard Quarter is more than just a residence; an iconic landmark in the making, crafted for comfort, tranquillity, privacy, and effortless living. This luxury living village will feature 150 premium living units and 40 care units, all meticulously designed to offer a private and luxurious lifestyle.

A 90-second animation was produced for each unit, with over 40 CGIs rendered per apartment. An interactive Realspace Sales Platform is now live in their Auckland-based sales suite, being utilised by their sales team to showcase the potential of these unbuilt units.

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Virtual Tours were created to bring the two apartments to life. With an impressed client, a third apartment was commissioned halfway through development, with integrated views of the second building in the view lines.

Each unit features a level changer, allowing to see the view line from multiple different levels, captured from accurate locations with high-resolution drone photography. The stunning views captured of the Auckland Harbour Bridge highlight the level of accuracy taken in bringing to life the visualisation of the future property; an element that can only truly be achieved in Realspace. As floors are climbed, the views change to showcase the better outlook residents will have higher up.

The harmony between the real and the Virtual Tour is evident in how the real-life sales suite works in conjunction with the 3D version. The Boundary have achieved this by showcasing each real piece of art in the Virtual Showroom too.

Efficiencies of creating new content were evident when extra stills of the Harbour Bridge were rendered at a later date. Client customisation has been accommodated throughout, with Real-Time technology allowing for changes in player movement speeds, slowing it down to cater for older clientele, creating a seamless, immersive experience.

Virtual tours deliver the ultimate off-plan sales and marketing experience, allowing unbuilt environments to be explored and appreciated in real-time.

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