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Sky-Frame Virtual Showroom

“A view, not a window” is the underpinning ethos of Sky-Frame — their minimal, clean aesthetic and appreciation for the world around us can only be fully appreciated through a custom-built virtual showroom.

Shunning a typically cluttered brick-and-mortar environment, with multiple products and styling options all vying for attention, Sky-Frame was able to showcase every product within a single online space. Interchangeable views, styling, and product choices allow clients to visualize every option and easily hone in on final decisions.

Working closely with the Sky-Frame team, The Boundary crafted “Infinite House” — a virtual customer experience framing views of Miami Beach and the Matterhorn — using game engine technology for a real-time, completely immersive experience.

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Virtual Showroom

One virtual space, infinite options

Within one virtual space, clients can experience Sky-Frame’s ability to prioritize a view across multiple locations and immediately visualize any of their products — or combinations of their products — in different environments. 

Miami and Zermatt provide two contrasting locations, with the opportunity to add more regions in the future. Each location is paired with matching interior design, exploring the scope of Sky-Frame’s products to meld with any design choice.

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Immersively explore

Changing products within the showroom can be done instantly. One-click immediately reveals a photorealistic representation of the space, allowing exploration in minute detail.

Cinematic animations are generated in real-time, showcasing the clients' latest product selections, environments, and time of day choices.

Bespoke, luxury experience

Sky-Frame agents provide a gated experience to the luxury online space, sharing real-time information, discussing options, and ensuring visitors have what they need. Agent involvement further reduced the need for in-situ product notes, delivering a clean, high-end experience that matched the quality of the product on display. The entire experience puts all the information at clients' fingertips, allowing them to visualize their options and more quickly make a decision.

Future forward

Unlike a traditional showroom where styling becomes dated and products need replacing with their newer counterparts, the Sky-Frame virtual space can be infinitely updated to include more products, fresh styling, and take in more views from around the world in new locations.

The virtual space also provides endless content opportunities at a fraction of the cost of film and photography in a physical location.

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