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Masthead Ocean Club

BDA Architecture, Banda Design, and Mim Design have together developed an exclusive residential address in Main Beach, introducing the highly sophisticated Masthead Ocean Club. The project, defined by innovative vision and contemporary design, presents 28 luxury residences.

With the use of Realspace Sales Platform, The Boundary pushes the advent of technology in property showcasing, using 3D visualisation to bring the interiors of Masthead Ocean Club to life. This sophisticated approach allows prospects a Virtual Tour of the apartments, enhanced by a 90-second animation illustrating the intricate details.

BDA Architecture, Banda Design Studio, Forme Landscaping
Interior Design
Mim Design
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Realspace Sales Platform + Virtual Tours + CGIs + Animations

Realspace further enables users with tools to understand the spatial details of the apartments. The measurement tool aids in grasping the layout and the scale, extending the virtual visit beyond mere aesthetics. It also includes a feature to capture personalised images, enabling users to create their unique visual collection.

The software expands the user interaction with a material and colour changer, allowing prospects to visualise different themes in real-time. The incorporation of an integrated gallery provides a one-stop space for all visual resources, showcasing the elegance of Masthead Ocean Club.

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The gallery allows prospects to explore at their own pace, with every aspect of the Realspace platform coming together to represent the fusion of design, luxury, and personalisation offered in this exemplary residential development.

The building has a unique design reminiscent of billowing sails that subtly merges with the coastal landscape. Its lush greenery connects it harmoniously with the surrounding gardens and parklands.

Over 40 high-resolution CGIs provide comprehensive views of the living spaces, creating an immersive experience aligned with the essence of the club. Using the Realspace Platform allows future residents to view each apartment from the different levels, highlighting the changing views and spaces on offer.

The digital gallery subtly promotes its well-crafted design saturated with luxury, highlighting the exclusivity and craftsmanship of the address.

Virtual tours deliver the ultimate off-plan sales and marketing experience, allowing unbuilt environments to be explored and appreciated in real-time.

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